Flash Design Studio
  • Milk.ge
    Website Design, Illustration, Photo Shooting and Developement, for Sante Promo Website milk.ge.
    Launch Project
  • cota.ge
    Website Design and Developement, for online discount and voucher portal.
    Launch Project
  • Tegeta Motors
    Website Design and Developement, Intranet ERP system integration to the website, Intranet products catalog integration to the website, For #1 largest company in after service in Georgia.
    Launch Project
  • Aversi Pharma
    Website Design and Developement for one of the biggest medical comapnanies in Georgia.
    Launch Project
  • Neo Pharm
    Ios and Andoid App Design and Developement for Medical Company NeoPharm.
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  • Campa
    Website Design and Developement for Georgia's largest fresh juice's manufacturer - Campa
    Link Coming Soon
  • Forbes Georgia
    Website and Mobile app Design and Developement for Forbes Georgia.
    Launch Project
    Coming soon to Andoid
    Coming soon to Iphone
  • Crystal
    Website Design and Developement for Microfinance Organisation Crystal.
    Launch Project
  • GBA
    Website Design and Developement for Georgian Bar Association.
    Launch Project
  • Sante
    Website Design and Developement for Georgian Dairy products company Sante GMT Products.
    Launch Project
  • Anagi
    Website Case Study, Design, Developement and photo shooting for biggest construction company in Georgia Anagi.
    Launch Project
  • South Sudan Investment Forum
    Website Design and Developement for South Sudan Investment Forum.
    Launch Project
  • Halyk bank Georgia
    Website Markup and Developement for halyk Bank Georgian Branch.
    Launch Project
  • Casino Shangrila
    Website Planning, Design and Developement for Casino Shangrila.
    Launch Project
  • GASA
    Website Planning, Design and Developement for Georgian Avia Service Agency Website.
    Launch Project
  • Pay Every Way
    Website and Credit Card Design for Pay Every Way Bank Project.
    Launch Project
  • Lopota Resort
    Website and interactive map Design and Developement for Lopota Resort in Georgia.
    Launch Project
  • Alldeals.GE
    Ios and Andoid App Design and Developement for Alldeals.ge.
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  • FlyDubai
    Website Design and Developent for FlyDubai Georgia.
    Launch Project
  • Medi Center
    MediCenter.ru multi profile medical center network in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
    Launch Project
  • Tonus Club
    Website Developement for Women Club - Tonus Club Saint Petersburg.
    Launch Project
  • Adjarabet
    Website Design and Developent for Biggest online Casino Portal Adjarabet.
    Launch Project
  • EPI - Georgia
    Website Design and Developent for Economic Prosperity Georgia.
    Launch Project
  • Card Game: Bura
    Online Card Game "Bura" UI Design for Goergian Online Slots Portal Crystalbet.
  • ETCO
    ETCO is an Electro Technical Company that Produces and Installs Electric Power Plants in Georgia.
    Launch Project
  • PSP
    PSP is one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Georgia, including Medicine production, Pharma Shops, Clinics, Insurance Company and More.
    Launch Project
  • PSP Card
    PSP Card is a Card offered by pharmaceutican company PSP to earn bonus points, the website gives you an ability to spent your bonus points.
    Launch Project
  • Zoommer
    Zoomer is one of the biggest electronic equipement distributor in Georgia.
    Launch Project
  • Syndicate Online
    Syndicate Online is 24/7 live streaming online radio station for Jazz Lovers.
    Launch Project
  • Georgian Museums
    Website Design and Developent for Georgian Museums.
    Launch Project
  • Travel Tours
    Flash website for travel agency Travel Tours with interactive World map, website is fully managed with Content Management System.
    Launch Project
  • American Corners
    Website Design and Developent for American Corners in Georgia.
    Launch Project
What we do


Making every website different, unique and secure at the same time.
Creating a website is not a big deal nowadays, but it is always pleasant to have an outstanding website that is different from others, interesting and easily understandable at the same time. We always create outstanding websites that distinguishes us from others.


Optimizing and structuring websites for search engines.
Optimizing websites for search engines is not quite as easy as it looks, managing inappropriate advertising campaign may have totally opposite result. Do not experiment with your website use our knowledge and experience.


Developing and Planning right Facebook Campaigns for right Audience.
Perhaps the biggest innovation for today is Facebook that gives you ability to keep your audience informed daily and remind them in a fun way about your products and/or events. Facebook applications gives you ability to expand your audience and this is when we can assist you.


Internet marketing is more than just putting a banner on someones website.
Internet Marketing is all about putting right banners on right websites, target right audience and make them want to click your advertisement. we know the right places and right ways for your advertisement in the internet.


Games are for fun and the fun is what people look for throughout the day.
Making games is not as easy as playing them, we create fun and complex games at the same time. if you want to make your product more interesting best way is to create a game for it.


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